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Obsidian: PLEASE add third person!

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If Obsidian is reading this, PLEASE add third person views! I refunded the game because it's only in first person and will never buy it again unless it adds third person perspectives.

Nothing bores me faster than being locked in first person. I love the options for both, but first person alone is just stagnant and to me, immersion breaking.

I'm super bored of the FPS camera, I'd rather play TPS camera cuz I like to see the character and their animation in action than "be" the character in FPS. It's way more fun to me. I dunno why, but every single FPS game feels the same to me. A huge reason I like games like Skyrim and Fallout is because I really like looking at my character and seeing the way they interact with the environment. I really only play first person only games if the gameplay is really good and honestly the combat is like 6/10 at best.

One of the most fun aspects of an rpg for me is being able to visually customize my character and then as your go throughout the game and get new loot and gear seeing how your character visually changes throughout the game. This aspect is GREATLY diminished when you're stuck in first person view and basically never see this kind of thing at all (like Borderlands for instance). Wtf was the point in spending all that time in letting us create our characters if all we see is a floating gun? This feels like a typical shooter. Not a good rpg.

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