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Key binds in The Outer Worlds

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So, I was looking forward to playing this game, I got as far as getting through the character creation and watching the intro sequence, but then I was in game, and I needed to set my controls. I use some, shall we say, unusual key binds.

i = move forward

k = move backward

u = strafe left

L = strafe right.

Perhaps, on the basis of this, you can already see what the problem is, Obsidian. I can't bind my movement keys where I want them because someone really clever in your UI team decided that the i key couldn't be bound to anything except 'inventory' and the k key couldn't be bound to anything except the character menu. Now, I know it's a role playing game and that the menu binds are important. I get it. But do you think, perhaps, that you could not treat your customers like children, and maybe let them bind the keys that they want to bind, um, I dunno, wherever the hell they want to bind them? Actually enough to completely stop me from playing the game. Forced key binds are literally the worst, dumbest, thing you can do in UI design. Someone needs to be fired. 0/10

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Even if I used the *normal* WSAD keys, this location for the inventory and character screen keys is awful. I have to take my hand off the movement keys to reach those buttons. ++bad design. That sort of thing doesn't matter in a top down pauseable isometric RPG because a lot of the time with those games it's just point and click with the mouse, you don't need to be pressing keys all that often. But even then, Baldur's Gate allows you to change which button is assigned to open the inventory and character screens. On the other hand, in any game which has mouselook and is played from a first person perspective, keyboard inputs for movement are continuously happening for pretty much everything you do in the entire game, so having a UI that prevents players from having the keys that they want is ACTUALLY A BIG DEAL.

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