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Accidentally stole from Amber Heights and now everyone shoots me when i enter. How do i fix this?

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I was running around and noticed that most loot was in the red so i went about looking for free loot. I ran up to a container that looked like "free" loop but wasn't. Everyone started chasing me and then shooting me. I ran out of town and waited, and waited and waited..... Went back in and everyone still fires on site. Does anyone know how i can fix this? I have missions there and need them to continue the story. There has to be a way to fix my reputation for that town, i just cant find out how. Thanks.

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I've seen someone say that if you leave and sleep for a few days they stop being hostile so long as you don't have too much negative reputation with the faction/in the area. Never had cause to try this myself but you can give it a shot, just pop back to your ship and sleep for 3-4 days (the time they recommended) and see if it works?

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