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When i first made a char I had all kinds of troubles. I didn't use a shock mod or any other ele mod on a wep thus i used alot of ammo and i constantly died. I added points to skills I'm use to in fallout unsure of where to add points. I searched youtube till i found a video build called Time Sniper and now i love the game! One hit killing just about everything and if i don't i tinker up my wep till I do. Only problerm I'm having now is it won't let me add the silencer muzzle on my plasma rifle. It will let me install a zap mod but if i do will it replace the plasma mod and make it electric or will it do plasma+ shock? I'm waiting to find a corrosive mod.

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why won't it let me install the silencer muzzle mod? It should replace another mod i have on the plasma rifle won't it? even when i didn't have any mods it still wouldn't let me install it....do i need to raise science skill to install it?


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