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I have two fairly consistent CTD issues I'd like to report and one graphical glitch

1) Crash to desktop when accessing inventory on Phineas' lab.

Steps to reproduce:

Go to Phineas' lab

Open inventory

Game CTD


2) Crash to desk top after flying to different location, very annoying bug that causes a CTD every time I fly to a new location and then required a reload. Did not start until late game.

Launch game

Fly to alternate location

Attempt to exit ship

Game will CTD

Reload game

attempt to exit ship from auto save

Game will not CTD this time


3) Character preview in menu is extremely dark, looks like just a shadow. Unable to see any detail.



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I have the same issue as 1 and 3.  Haven't flown to many location to get 2.  I'm playing it on PC through Microsoft GamePass, not Steam.  I've heard the first issue is tied to the AMD video drivers, which is ironic considering the latest update says it's optimized for Outer Worlds.


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