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Nyoka's quest 'Star Crossed Troopers' marked 'botched' bug

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Playing on Supernova difficulty. Glitch occurred some few hours ago when I went to Groundbreaker with Nyoka in the party. She spawned downed, repeatedly. Revived her with the inhaler perk, played 5 more hours then realised her quest was botched because it thought she was dead (it says that she's currently occupying her own grave). 

Fix the spawning bug on Groundbreaker
Fix the quest being flagged as botched for her going down, rather than her actual death.
Have a quest notification to let you know when quests are botched. 

Additional request: 
Console command to reset the quest so that I can complete it without losing 5 hours of progress. (Would also be helpful for others with this issue.) 

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