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1.  Why is the button to reload the same button to engage dialog?  It's a bit annoying to see my weapon get whipped out every time I talk to someone, like I'm trying to mug everyone I meet.  I like having my weapon holstered when not in combat.

2.  PLEASE GIVE AN OPTION TO TURN OFF KILL CAM.  I hate kill cams in so many games because they wreck the flow of game play.  I find myself getting killed because of how jarring and random the kill cam is when engaging multiple enemies at once.  The only kill cam I've ever thought made sense was the approach used in Max Payne 3, in which it only ever applies to the last enemy killed in an engagement.  OPTIONS TO NOT HAVE ANNOYING "FEATURES" ARE WONDERFUL, PLEASE PROVIDE AN OPTION TO TURN THIS OFF.

3. It'd be nice to not have a pop-up menu covering so much of the inventory screen at all times.  I like seeing the whole inventory screen so I can see everything at a glance, and then have a button activate a pop-up menu to show more detailed stats.

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