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Supernova Difficulty and my problems with it.

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Loving the game so far, having a blast.

I went for supernova difficulty for my frist playthrough and it's really hard, and i enyoj that.

But there is one thing i recently noticed that really dosen't make sense.

I got to choose my frist flaw wich was robophobia. The problem is that the debuff from a phobia DOES NOT EXPIRE on supernova difficulty even when leaving combat with said phobia.

I like that crippled, concussion and the normal status effect you can get and that you need to sleep them off.

But i can't for the love of me understand why you also made the flaw phobia debuffs the same.

Not to mention it's really, really annoying. It totally breaks the immersion since the robot you killed 10 minutes ago debbufs you against the primals you are currently fightning.

And if you meet a mixed group with outlaws and drones, you can't focus the drones down first to lose the debuff against the outlaws.


Othat than that i like the game so far, but the above mentioned thing makes it impossible to take flaws in Supernova.

Best Regards

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