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schrodinger's Vicar Max bug

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I just landed on groundbreaker, and Vicar Max is both alive and dead!  Background - i did first planet power station redirect in an odd order.  Went straight to power station without talking to Vicar or biodome lady, switched one switch, then talked to biodome lady, then went back and companioned vicar, then did last two power station switches and chose biodome deserters as power receivers.

Vicar Max said that he would be waiting for me at the unreliable, but when i went back to the (now powerless) town he was in the church, and him and Parvarti started battling till she killed him.  Dead dead, (i looted his corpse.   )    When Paravrti and i entered the unreliable Max was nowhere to be found, but his possesions were in his stateroom.

Upon travelling to groundwater i got the companions screen, and to my surprise Max was available as a companion.  I selected him and Parvarti (only two available), and when i spawned on groundwater Max was visible but in his "companion knocked down" state.  He recovered and i started talking to him, after about 20 seconds i got a message that his companion quest had failed because he was dead!    Found one other person with the exact same issue / setup triggers on reddit.

So currently i have his companion bonuses active, he is on screen and interacts normally, but his companion quest to find french translator is failed beacuse he i dead.  Hoping that this glitch does not turn out to be a gamebreaker later in my playthrough.      REALLY dig this game, the complexity of the RPG'ing is simple enough for my brain to deal with, combat is excellent by RPG standards, nice visuals, great art style, lots of Bioshock influence, no crappy Bethesda game engine, cutscenes not too long, overall a really well balanced game :)

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