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What I hope comes to the game

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After playing the game for a bit there are some things that I noticed the game kind of lacked and I hope to see implemented in the future.


  • A loot all button on corpses or containers - For those who just want to collect everything and sell what they don't need after to make some extra bits
  • To me, orbiting the planet and then leaving the ship and magically being teleported to the surface is kind of immersion breaking. I would love if there were some landing and take off cutscenes and it showed your ship was sitting on the landing pad before you disembarked. Even a warp animation while travelling would be nice instead of the nav screen.
  • Mods - Obviously but they're not a top priority straight off of release so it's understandable to wait some time before getting them.
  • Maybe later down the road a questline or DLC could be implemented to give the player a town or outpost of their own to manage that doesn't demand to much from them to keep running but just as a fun pass time to acquire some more bits as an income or something along those lines would be cool! 

Overall the game is amazing and I am enjoying the hell out of it. Just some of my thought to make the game so much better and way more immersive for the player!

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If you hold down E you will loot everything from a container/corpse.  I agree they could of done a better job of showing transition onto the planet.  They already had a animation when you leave the first so just a slight modification and it could of been used as a landing animation.  I look forward to mods and it will be interesting to see where they take DLC,

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