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Can you please make it so I J K L can be rebound, I have issues with my left hand and my normal setup is I U O K for WSAD and J L are used for other necessary keys. I am a left handed gamer ( right hand on key board ) and not being able to move these keys basically makes the game unplayable for me.  I tried moving to TRYG for WSAD but after playing IUOK for decades its very frustrating dying because I cannot move my character. 


Other than that this game is amazing, I can't wait to make it to the first town lol.  

Thank you

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yo dude i'm a lefty too and i use 'P'= W 'L'= A 'semicolon'= S  'apostrophe'= D so its exactly like WSAD but mirror'd on the right . (works great cuz you can use Ctrl an Shift real easy)


and you can use AutoHotKey to over-ride 'K' 'J' 'comma' and 'Rightbracket' to whatever you'd like! like i have rightbracket ' [ ' set to 'Q' to active TTD that slow-time ****.

but yeah if your left handed Autohotkey is a god send for most games that dont allow you to rebind **** you need, you can even do other kool **** too like make a toggle aim function so you dont have to hold down the damn right mouse button to aim.

you'll need autohotkey installed before you can run it,

but here is my ahk script :

Right mouse button becomes toggle-able so you dont have to hold it down to aim, just click now (like every other game can...)

K becomes R   ; to make K reload key

R becomes K    ; and R becomes K so you can still access 'character menu'

[ becomes Q     ; Right-bracket becomes Q so it actually works, for some reason you can bind it in game but it doesnt work, so this fixes that


oh and make sure to pause it if you alt-tab , cuz the right click hold thing can be screwy out-side game on the desktop

you can pause it by pressing the Right 'Ctrl' + Right 'Alt'

once you're done playing just pause the script and Exit AutoHotKey to make **** back to normal.


MsgBox, 4,, Toggle Key/Hold Script Run ? (press Yes or No)
IfMsgBox Yes
MsgBox Script running.
MsgBox Closing.
SetTitleMatchMode, 2
#SingleInstance Force
#MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2
#IfWinActive, The Outer Worlds

If (GetKeyState(RButton)){
	*RButton Up::
	If (Toggle := !Toggle){
		Send {Click Down Right}
		Send {RButton up}
RCtrl & RAlt::Suspend

just open notepad and paste that an save it as .ahk an then run.

oh and if you want you can Frankenstein this code to work for what ever game that allows AutoHotKey to run in the background, just gotta change ' #ifWinActive, The Outer Worlds ' to whatever the games windows name is; easy to see by hovering mouse over the games icon in the taskbar, and they're case sensitive too.

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2 hours ago, Gorgon said:


How about the .ini fiile.  IJKL are used in the menus, that's why they can't be rebound. But, if they weren't pointing at menu commands. set Journal, Inventory and so on, to something else. 

worth a look. 

So found the gameusersettings.ini which seems to have all the key bindings in it, but it doesn't simply list the  I J K L key commands, if I assign my movement keys to those keys it still uses the default settings on those keys.  Close to a solution, but I need to know what the IJKL commands are to remove their assignment.  





so I need RemovedAxisKeyBinds = ( "inventory" blah blah or something

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