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Issues with Supernova difficulty that add nothing to the experience and just irritate.

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I started my first play-through on Supernova difficulty and I have a few problems with it that I see as unreasonable design flaws.

The most important one- NO SAVE ON QUIT - I mean,really? I like the challenge, but is it worth the frustration of having to wipe my progress each time I can't immediately fast travel to my ship and need to quit the game NOW for whatever reasons? I want a higher difficulty, not the game FORCING me to play it.


Second thing is sleep- I can thwart hunger & thirst on the go, but even "caffeinated" items do not remove sleepiness, and I found plenty of places that were safe to sleep- there isn't even an option to BUY a place to sleep anywhere(hotel or whatnot) - This is just dumb.


Your stats start lowering after 10-15 minutes in-game time. Does that look like a sleep cycle even resembling something realistic?


Third is thirst and hunger- I stock up on food and drink, but the thirst/hunger bars don't tell me when my stats start deteriorating, and missing a skill check because "I didn't know I was thirsty/hungry" is just irritating as all hell- this either needs some color coding on the bars so I KNOW when to eat/drink or (and it would be better) auto-consumption slots to be filled with whatever food/drink the player has on him.

Lastly- followers are made of wet paper- and that's FINE - but when I set their combat style to "defensive" I don't expect them to just stand in place and gawk,  not only not avoiding attackers, but blocking my vision as well - can't they just go in "panic & cower" state with this setting?

Not only is them just standing like hollow husks creepy, it's also infuriating- the first thing I do when I enter combat is slow down time to give them a move command far,far away from me &  combat.


All of the above issues add nothing to the challenge and make the experience less fun & more frustrating.


Any chance they;ll get addressed?


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