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Game crashes withing a minute play...

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So i through a 100 crashes in 30 minutes i barely managed to get to Hawthorne's ship. There i had another 100 crashes in 10 minutes time and now every time i exit the ship and finish the dialog with the NPCs there the game ...crashes... 
Running on Windows 7 64bit. Ultra settings (GTX 1080ti) . I've tried closing all background apps such as steam, MSI Afterburner, Precision X1, Riva Tuner etc... 
Updated to the latest drivers .
So far for me the game is unplayable...

Update: It gets better! I just verified the game files in epic games launcher and now after the verification passed to 100% the game is re-downloading it's whole 38GB!
Wonder what other surprises it got waiting for me.

Update: So the game downloaded and installed and without even touching anything it just restarted downloading again from 0%... 
Thank you for choosing Epic Games dear Obsidian. They are truly the best Epic Fails.

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