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I think Mods will only go on certain Weapons, it does not tell you that though. You can see what Mod types are available for the Weapon though.

It could be you have to have a specific Mod for the type of Weapon.

I had a Suppressor Mod (to make weapon not as loud) but it would only fit the Grenade Launcher, even though it would be more use on Revolver or Assault Rifle you would think.

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Some weapons, especially in the first tier, only have a handful of available mods. Scopes aren't available for even the top tier of Shotguns AFAIK, and the Spacer's Choice Assault Rifle didn't get all 3 slots available until the second tier. The first tier had only scope and clip mods available and couldn't take muzzle mods.

The workbench will display all the slots that are available for different ranged weapons, although since there are only two possible slots for melee weapons they have arrows instead. Anyway, the various components available will be displayed there. 


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