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During a mission I guess Prav died? Her health meter never went below 50%, and after the mission I fast traveled back to town her character was just on the ground, laying there. Her health meter was now full. I could not click on her to talk, I can access her menu for items, perks and what not. I can't see her in the ship either when I'm there. I changed her out for another companion, no problems with that companion. When I put Prav back in the group, same thing, her body just followed along on the ground, popping up as we traveled. When I talked to NPCs her dialogue would come on, but you can't see her and if the NPC talks to her, they are kinda looking at the ground. My last save was 3 hours earlier and several missions ago. Do I really need to go back that far?

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SIDE QUEST SPOILERS!!! After finding Braxton's body in the home of the Mather's on Monarch, I believe Felix was supposed to start a dialouge with me I assume due to the text box over his name. I don't know if this was due to the mission or just because I progressed with him? Anyways, I found him like this after exiting the room, and his body just constantly skips along and he never gets up. I've tried fast traveling, going back to the ship and picking him for the team again, nothing works. He's also not on the ship due to this bug. Don't really know how to fix this, so either one of yall can help me or I never use Felix again lmao.



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I'm only on hard difficulty, and had thought that meant they'd revive when out of combat. No such luck.


ADA will tell me him and Parvati are having a conversation on the ship every now and then, but he's not their. I've ditched all of them and gone lone wolf just in case lmao.

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