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Opens on Display 2

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For some reason The Outer Worlds opens on my second screen. I've checked all the settings I can find. My primary is definitely configured to be my primary in Windows. Other games and applications open on my primary display no problem.

In game I've tried setting the Window Mode to Window, drag it over to my primary, and then full screen it again. But it just jumps back to my second display.

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The second display is 1920x1080, and the primary is 2560x1440. 

If I go into the setting it says the game is set to run at 2560x1440, but it just keeps opening on display 2.

Only thing that has worked so far is to ‘disconnect’ my second screen in the display properties. Which is not ideal...

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I have exactly the same setup and it works normally for me. Maybe you could also try to swap the cables from your monitors to your graphic cards. For me the primary monitor has number 2. It's possible if it was number 1, it could not work as well. 

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