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I have to reload a save maybe 10 times before any NPC speaks to me, when I start a conversation with anyone they just look at me idly and I cant leave the chat, anyone else have this issue? Its happened with the first meeting with ADA (took me over an hour of reloading and initiating dialouge with her before I was able to do anything) and now with abernathy ive reloaded over 40 times to never once get him to talk to me, same with the doctor in town you need to get gravefees from, it just zooms in on their face and they stare at me, no options and cant leave

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Yes, I have this as well: Dialogues sometimes lag very badly, often at the start, but it can happen in the middle as well.

If you dare to use [space] to skip some lines, you have a high probability to have the entire game frozen inside the dialogue; sometimes it recovers after a wait, often it does not. Actually, skipping dialogue seems to hickup the entire system (start of new lines, animations, etc etc)

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I have this problem too. When the NPC is staring at me waiting to speak, I found that opening settings and changing any video setting at all, up or down, prompts the conversation to move forward again. For awhile. Then I go back in and have to adjust it again. I basically keep bumping one of the top few graphical settings up and down over the course of a session to keep the conversations moving. It is incredibly bizarre, but not as bizarre as being stared down by an NPC for a minute before they respond to you.

XBox Live PC version here.


I think I have resolved this. Uninstalled game, updated windows until no updates were offered (including optionals), then reinstalled it. Working fine now.

Would have posted this as a reply but apparently there is like a four post a day limit or something. It won't allow me to reply.

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