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Microsoft Store Crashing

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Playing through the Microsoft store and the game cannot go 3 minutes without a crash or perma-freeze. VERY sad about this. Has anyone figured any potential workarounds as of yet? All drivers are updated and specs are as follows:

GTX 1070 

16GB 2400mhz RAM

Running from an SSD.



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Hello James,

I'm sorry you are running into these crash issues when trying to play The Outer Worlds.  I've gone ahead and put a ticket into our system so the devs can look into this issue.  If you have any other information you discover about this, please continue to post about it in this thread as I have linked it to the report for the devs to use as a reference.

If you haven't done it already, it may be worth uninstalling/reinstalling the game to see if this repairs any corrupted or missing files that could potentially be causing the issue.

Sorry again for the inconvenience this is causing.

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