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Just a note, right from the off, I am NOT asking for third person gameplay. I'm absolutely fine with first person.

First of all, I've only sunk 2.5 hours into the game so far as it released at midnight and I have to work today. However, so far I am loving what I am seeing and if the game keeps to the standard I've seen so far I can see it easily becoming on of my top rated games of all time.

One little niggle I have is that it's very tricky to get a decent shot of my character when taking screenshots. Everything is already in place with the panning camera system, the hidden HUD, the different idle animations when equipping different weapons and so on. The only thing that bothers me is the character is so small on the screen.

Why not add a photo mode which works in the exact same way in every respect, but just gives free control of the camera, even just within a restricted radius? The character models are really nice and the armours look awesome, but it sucks that I can only see my fella in the darkened inventory screen or when the camera starts panning when idle. Let us get some lovely close up shots of our lovingly crafted characters and your stunning models Obsidian! x

Love ya

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