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Unable to Esc workbench

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Hello JWong,

I'm sorry you ran into this issue when using the workbench.  Has this happened to you during any other interactions with the workbench?  Also, do you recall what you had done when using the workbench?

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience this issue caused.

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I haven't had another opportunity to check out the workbench again since then.  I'll try again when I get the time.  What I did was interact with the workbench and then click on my rifle to check out what mods I can attach to it.   I currently did not have a mod for it.  It was then that I could not "Esc".  I was stuck with the Rifle image on the center with the empty slots on the left.  The bottom text said Press "Esc" to exit.  But hitting Esc and all other buttons did not do so.  I game was not frozen since i was still able to rotate the rifle with my mouse.  

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I unfortunately ran into the same problem.


After pressing E to apply the mod and accepting it, i am unable to press Esc to exit the modding menu or the Workbench entirely.

it happens with every interaction with the Workbench in the Botanical Lab, however the Workbench in the Ship does seem to function normally.

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I have been having this problem, too.  It has happened in Edgewater twice and on the ship three times. I have mods to use. First time I didn't use any mods although I had a couple. The second time (on the ship), it wouldn't let me out of the workbench until I applied a mod. The last time (about 10 minutes ago), I applied two mods to a heavy machine gun. After I applied both mods, it went back to the prompt telling me to hit E to apply a mod or ESC to exit. After I hit ESC, the hit E prompt went away leaving only the hit ESC prompt. Hitting ESC again did nothing. Game is still "running", I can move the machine gun around with my mouse. But I hat to hit ALT-F4 to exit the game. I have no idea how much progress I lost. I'm rather pissed off at the moment.  I'm getting rather leery of the "modify" option in the workbench.  It takes away from the game. At least I know I'm not the only one having this problem.


The very first time I used the workbench to look at what mods I could put on my light machine gun, I just wanted to look. But it would not let me ESC out of it until I applied a mod to it. Then the ESC key worked. I thought it was just a fluke. But it's gotten completely stuck five times, now.

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