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Outer Worlds Cannot Download and Crashes Corrupted Data CE-36244-9

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Help. This is the 4th time the game has crashed  the the following messages below

The 1st file downloads ok, game launches and I can play with no problems.

I paused the dl for the 2nd file but somehow it was over ridden and the download continued. Game keeps crashing at the same point on the 2nd file download.

If this isn't resolved soon I will be requesting a refund from Sony! as I'm spending more time just waiting for a 19Gb download than actually playing the game!

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Hello Adrian,

I'm sorry you are running into this download issue.  Unfortunately there isn't much we can do with a PlayStation download issue as that would be something they would have to take care of on their end.  I would suggest reaching out to PlayStation support for help with this if you haven't already.

Hopefully they are able to get this squared away for you so you can enjoy the game.

Thank you for reaching out to us, and sorry for the inconvenience these download crashes are causing.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I did contact PlayStation who told me the exact same thing, Nothing wrong on their end, suggest reaching out to Outer Worlds for help!!!

Contacted my ISP, Nothing wrong on their end, suggest reaching out to Outer Worlds and/or Play Station for help!!!

No one takes ownership! At least my ISM tested my service and said its working as expected. 1Gb fibre line 950dl/500ul

Took, 36 hours to get the 2nd file to down load without crashing, couldn't progress further with the game until this was completed. Funny how it suddenly worked.

My option, this was not an ISP or PS issue as within 18 hours of release the PS4 issue as well as XB and PC corrupted file issue where all over the forums with people having download issue.

Verdict, great game, feedback 1 star for poor launch.

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