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Firethrower's gloves and arcane archers

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Yes, it's difficult to tell because the spell effects themselves are not displayed in the tooltip of the imbue abilites.

As far as my ingame tests show they do not profit.


I made an Arcane Archer at Power Level 19: his missile imbue will have 7 projectiles.
If I bring his PL down to 18 he only has 6 projectiles.
Now - by logic it should be so that if I bring the PL back up to 19 he should have 7 projectiles again. Which he does if I simply add a "normal" Power Level. 
However the projectile count stays at 6 if I try to raise his PL (for the imbue) with Firethrower Gloves. That tells me that the +1 Evocation PL does nothing. 

I also didn't see any raise in PEN and ACC for imbued Missiles or Fireball when putting on the gloves. The ACC bonus from the bonus to Arcana is applied of course.  

Maybe modders with insight into the code will have more detailed info.

Somewhat related: I noticed that Necklace of Fireballs does seem to scale its Fireball with the gloves. I tested on an actual Evoker however - maybe that's also a factor (that you actually need to have any Evocation PL in the first place, no idea).

Also the Evoker passive (double cast) does not work for imbued Fireball and Missiles not for the Necklace of Fireballs or Missile Gloves. In case somebody wondered... 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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