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Build Name [Afflictioner]

high Acc against perma afflicted enemies. Ghostheart for Acc, Berserker for Affliction

Game version: 5.0 with community patch, only with BW
Difficulty: hard

Solo: No, your Def ist too low, especially in early level. Very squishy but after level 8 it makes fun.


Race: Pale Elf or Human

M 12 + 1 GotM + 1 Effyg Maneha + 1 Gatecrasher
C 9 + 1 Chameleon's Touch + 2 The Undying Burden
D 12 + 1 Boots of the Stone
P 17 + 1 Chameleon's Touch
I 18
R 8 + 1 Boots of the Stone

or I = P >> D = M = C = R

active: alchemy / athlethic
passive: 6 survival / rest history or what you want


Level up


berserker frenzy
(+5 might, +2 pen, +5 con, +2 AR, confused)

marked prey
(+10 acc)


(+25% Damage when health <50%)


fast runner
(+15% stride, +5 defence when disengaging)


thick skinned
(+1 slash/crush/pierce AR)

two weapon style
(-15% weapon recovery time) later you can respec if you want


accurate carnage
 (+5 acc with carnage)


barbaric blow
(+20% damage, +50% carnage AOE, +30% hit-to-crit, +50% crit-damage)


one stands alone
(+20% melee-damage, +1 enemies required to be flanked)

marked for the hunt
(updated marked prey - marked target transfer on kill)


(+25% action speed)


bloody slaughter
(20% hit-to-crit and +50% crit-damage against <25% health targets)


spirit frenzy
(updated frenzy - target -5 might, by hit)

hunters claw
 (+1 acc against target's race - stacks 20 times, remains after battle...)


(resistance against might, con, dex)


wild sprint
(+5  dex, +100% stride for 6s, immune to engangement for 6s)


barbaric smash
(updated barbaric blow - on kill +2 barb-resource)

binding roots
(targets + 1,5m foe-AOE immobilzed for 20s)


(2,5m foe-AOE -5 might, -4 pen, cannot engage for 6s)


interrupting blows
(50% chance for interupt on melee-crit-hits)


improved critical
(+10% crit damage)

hunters fang
(updated hunters claw - add 1% damage against target's race)


survival of the fittest
(+10 acc against <50% health targets)


brute force
(attack fort instead def if fort is lower)


(recover immediately on kill for 10s)

thorny roots
(updated binding roots - AOE  foe + 19-27 slash/pierce damage, -5 dex, stuck for 20s)


spirit tornado
(updated spirit frenzy - foe freeze damage, -5 res, -3 pl, cannot take action other than flee for 4s)


Weapon Prof

battle axe - sword - sabre - morning star - what you want




fair favor (+10% hit-to-crit, +10% crit-damage with dagger, rapiers, sabre, stiletto, swords) - ca L7 Serafen end quest


Cloak of Greater Deflection (+7 def) - port maje


early - Protective Eothasian Charm - Port Maje / Gorecci street
mid - Precognition - ca L10 Bounty - Dhwrgas the Ascetic


Devil of Caroc Breastplate - ca L5-6 - Neketaka / Periki's Overlook
    entchant: Devil's Due - +2 health restoration per 3s for 6s on crit hit
    entchant: Mechanical Mind - Resistance to intellect afflictions (makes your party happy)

ring 1

Chameleon's Touch - ca L6 Bounty - Nomu the Marauder
+1 con (barbar), +1 per (ranger)

ring 2

Entonia Signet Ring - ca L6 Fort Deadlight / shrine of Skaen
+2 all defence (stacks 5 times), +2 diplomacy


 Gatecrashers - ca L5-6 Neretaka / Queen's Berth
+1 might, 15% chance to knock down targets on crit
grants 2/rest cone with push and -5 might, -4 pen, +10 deflection


Boots of the Stone - Port Maje or ca L10 A Tidy Performance
+1 dex, +1 res, reistance to might affliction

- or -

Fenan's Finery - Neketaka killing Lueva Alvari in the Vailian Trading Co headquarter
+1 athletic, +5 def against ranged weapons


The Undying Burden - ca L6 Neketaka / Delver's Row
+2 con, +1 athletic, grants second wind, Incoming weapon damage reduced by 10% (stacks three times as health is lost, for a max of-30% to damage)

- or -

Ngati's Girdle - ca L5-6 Neketaka / Periki's Overlook
+2 athletic, +1 crush AR, 10% chance to cast crush AOE when critical hit in melee


early - battle axe for 10% crit
mid - min's fortune
late - scordeos edge - ca L14 Honor Among Thieves
        entchant: Adaptive - +2 Accuracy with all weapons for 30.0 sec on scoring Hit (stacks 10 times)
        entchant: Tempest - 10% chance to Recovery instantly on scoring Hit


early - watchers blade - ca L6 Oathbinder's Sanctum
mid - Griffin's Blade - ca L8-10 Neketaka / travel to the Gullet
        50% Chance to Daze target and nearby enemies on Crit
        entchant: Hound's Speed - +15% Action Speed, +5 Reflex

pet: Abraham  - ca L5/6 Neketaka

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3 hours ago, Boeroer said:

Could you maybe add how you play this character? Like what is the underlying idea and how do you usually use his abilities?

So basically the "why and how"?

this Setup is only about speed and damage.

I'm working with AI a lot.

frenzy only at health above 50%, no might inspiration and enemy in melee range
second wind and healing potions at health at 50%. same to xoti (in second line with consecrated ground, gaun's pledge, holy radiance and health spells).

stealing devils breastplate soon as possible and entchant it with "devil's due" for the 2 health per 3s on crit. With this backup you are nearly safe with health. For heavy encaunter I use glaszed chops (+30% healing received). On the top kills restores your health (Abraham).

Deflection is the main problem. At level 10 you reach 42 with frenzy. "No Pity for the lost" (first eothas talk) raised your deflection for 5 points. (btw. level 10 is always my preference level, don't know why)

My preference quests midgame are "the cornett's call" (Ondra temple), the fight about min's furtune against mob of rotghasts and the two fights against shadows and ghosts. All of them are level 8-9. And this setup was really, really fast.

This setup is performed for speed and crits. Early game you doesn't crit alot. "Engwithan digsite" was the hardest fight. ****ty deflection, ****ty armor without fire bonus, not a hell of healing potions. In early game this is the only battle I used my ghost pet.

But at level 10 with "hunter's claw" and "marked for the hunt" you reach an acc of 92 both hands. At hard difficult it's enough for a lot of criticals. Against mobs "bloodlust" is nearly permanent. Your area of effect is very nice with high int. With "wit of death's herald" (first gods talk) you reach int 23. At this level you should become griffin's blade. Then griffin's blade triggers many dazed enemies (AoE), so enemies cannot engage you. Later a second source for dazed enemies will be "Leap". Additional all the crits triggers knockdowns (gatecrashers). Later with "binding roots" and upgrade you immobilized your enemies in an nice AoE. In optimal case you afllicted your enemies in might, dexterity, perception and resolve - all AoE of course. This will raise your crit chance even further.

"Tempest" from Scordeo's egde and "Hound's Speed" from Griffins Blade will raise your action speed, with the addionsal chance for scordeo's to recover instantly.

The morning star proficiency allows you to decreased enemies deflection, with your high intelligence and dexterity you are fast enough to switch back to your main weapons and hit one or two times. But this is only against single targets.

I was thinking about "Modwyr", but the last entchantments "true independence" takes too long for me. Sure you can take another armor, but Carocs is fine enough.



At level 7 you have enough bonds to cast your ghost, but without companion abilities it will die very quickly. so the most points are going into "binding roots".

Frenzy duration is with int 23 ca 30 seconds, but barbaric blow used the most of your rage points. Later with barbaric smash they will be refunded on kill.

Party Set Up:

Eder Swashbuckler early game nearly allway shield and board with warrior stance, activated "block" and Glatdiators Sword for maximized deflection as tank, later two handed.

Xoti Contemplative early game with pistols, later with hand mortars. In "consecrated Ground"-range to your first line.

Early game till Sayuka Serafen barbar with pistols.

After Suyake Serafen is replaced by Pallegina Herold, mainly Pistol setup, for hard encounters with shield (Lethandria's Devotion for more healing ) and sword.

Aloth Spellblade for Raw Dots. Marux Amanth in offhand


sorry for my bad english - my last english lession was 25 years ago. :)

Edited by thinman78
orthography correction
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