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arcane archer weapon related bugs still happening?

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Hi.  About to replay after about 6 months away and thinking about an arcane archer.  Some questions...

Is there still a "loot bug" with essence interrupter?

Are multiple projectile weapons, like frostseeker still bugged so that when you use imbue, only one projectile hits with the imbue and the other proejctiles disappear?

And are the imbues still not scaling? Are there PEN issues?

Anyway, I still may figure out a way to play with these bugs, but just want to know.  Thank you!


(as an aside -- any suggestions on a good pet? )




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Essence Interrupter: yes, still destroys loot. Not related to Arcane Arcehr though.

Multiple projectiles: yes, exactly like you said. Multiprojectile weapons don't work well with imbue shots (because you lose dmg). The imbue effect itself will work like normal on th first projectile.

Note that multiple jumps (weapon enchantment like of Watershaper's Focus and Driving Flight) will each trigger an instance if the imbue effect. So for example you can create 3 Pull of Eoras with one single shot with Watershaper's FOcus + Driving Flight. Since ACC of the imbues scales with Arcana you will have three parallel pulls with crazy ACC that nobody can escape. Same with imbue:web: nobody moves then. If you look at the Arcane Archer as a CC guy then the following (PEN issues) don't matter much.

The imbue effects scale their accuracy with the weapon stats and accuracy. But PEN still doesn't scale. You can use the Community Patch mod to introduce PEN scaling with the Arcana skill. Else there will be PEN issues with Missiles, Fireball and Death Ring if you have no multiclass or party member that adds universal PEN buffs or AR debuffs (like Berserker, Monk, Cipher, Chanter, Wizard etc.).

For shielding you the best animal companions are Bear (+2 AR) and Boar (constant health regeneration). Antelope (higher defenses) is also not bad but in my opinion it doesn't reach the quality of the former two. Also because those two have a bigger frames and bigger selection circles - which means they block more space which can make a huge difference when it comes to prefenting enemies reaching you.

Wolf is the best AC for dealing damage because its base damage is higher (which works well with all kinds of dmg bonuses he gets). But he also has a normal circle size which is better in this case because he can reach enemies better and doesn't get stuck so often. The Lion has faster attacks (which would make up for the lower base dmg) but he has a big frame and circle which means he gets stuck mor often while trying to rush enemies. That doesn't sound like much of a deal but it can become really annoying.

Best AC overall (from a stat and ability perspective) is the bird of a Gunhawk. But of course you can't have that as a main protagonist (without mods or console cheating). 

I had great success with Spearcaster by the way. The non-imbue shots suffer -5 ACC - but you gain ACC bonus from Arcana which is far higehr than 5 at some point. And it stacks with the ACC bonus from Arcana for imbue shots (so imbue shots get twice the Arcana-ACC with Spearcaster). It's a crit-fest then.


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thanks Boeroer  (you are always the go to around here..  My favorite run through of POE is still the Boar Druid build you recommended back in the day.)

I also have read that you recommend spearcaster for AA

Questions: for watershaper and Spearcaster looks like there are upgrades that deal elemental damage -- do those upgrades counter the malus on accuracy?  

And would you recommend watershaper for imbue shots and pierce resistance foes and spearcaster otherwise?   Or forstseeker.?

I am thinking SC AA as an orlan... but if I go the paladin mutliclass you have recommended would a fire godlike make sense?  I am torn -- love the idea of the death rings and just concnetrating on ranger but the paladin multi sounds like fun (I would likely go kind wayfarer -- I cant play cruel)

Last, isnt there armor that also provides a benefit for arcana skill points?



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SC Arcane Archer is nice with Death Ring. Especially once you use the Community Patch that removes the PEN issues. With Watershaper's Focus or Fire in the Hole you will create three Death Rings per shot and that's pretty devastating. 

Frostseeker does remove the ACC malus. Dragon's Dowry, too. Just keep in mind that Frostseeker is a multiprojectile weapon.

Enchantments that add lashes (see spearcaster) unfortunately don't remove the ACC malus.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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