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Help me create a fitting main character

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Hello everyone.

After a six months hiatus I'm coming back to PoE, and I've decided to restart the game anew. The only problem is, I don't know which character to play.
In my previous playthrough (in which I've reached the start of Act III, completed 12 levels of the Endless Path, and finished Part I of the White March) I've played a human barbarian, but got bored. I want to play something more tied to the setting, which also will fit nicely in my party composition.
My main party will be comprised of:

  • Aloth (back-line control);
  • Edér (front-line tank);
  • Durance (mid-line support);
  • Kana (mid-line damage dealer);
  • Pallegina (front-line off-tank).

I thought that the best fit would be a cipher (back-line damage dealer), both for the party composition and for the involvement in the story. So I created an hearth orlan cipher, but found out soon that playing something that's not human just feels off to me. Call me racist, but to identify myself with my character, it has to be human, like myself.
So I'm thinking of creating a human cipher, do you think it could work? What kind of spread should I build it with? Which culture and background would better fit the main character of the story? By the way, I'm playing in Normal difficulty, so I don't think that min-maxing is really needed, but if you also have any build to suggest, that would be nice.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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