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So i used to play this game a lot but I grew tired to it for some reasons.

I dont like the dual wield sabre meta at all, and Id like to utilize this drunkards best friend first time. I usually play only when im drunk so consider it method playing.  I play only potd solo, so what i am looking for is solo build. Last build i played was goldpact/devoted, but it was so god damn easy to play. I checked the sin tee's speed demon build - it was sure interesting but I think its not suitable for solo playing.

So what I am looking for: Pukestabber build, solo, potd.

Things I like:

Nazpacta, devoted, paladins, rogues

Things I dislike:
Priests, wizards, berserker, helwalker.


Rest I havent really used.


So any1 got ideas?

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