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Missing old PFID?



Intent: Trying to recover old PFID account (originally tied to Google Play).

Let me preface this with I do not have my old PFID. The only thing I have linking to my old PFID are two 40-chest codes from the Humble Bundle E3 2016 Digital Ticket redeemed in 2016. In addition I had one month's subscription of daily gold (Google Play purchase date 06/16/16), some progress in the original quest line and this Obsidian account (lines up for when I joined, account created 06/15/16). I originally stopped playing  when Google Play reset my account PFID, so I became frustrated and stopped playing. As far as I remember my original PFID was linked to my Google account around then.

Current Information:

  • Android
  • What version of the OS are you running? Android 9
  • What model is the device? Samsung Galaxy 9+ 
  • What is your PFID#? (Located in the settings menu):
    • New PFID: 9D8837532B32535D
    • Old PFID: ???

Login Issues

  • When you launch the game, does the welcome popup appear for Game Center/ Google Play Games? Yes it does.
  • When logging in the first time I was forced to associated with my Asmodee account.

Store Issues

  • What products were purchased? 80 treasure chests from E3 2016 DIGITAL TICKET (40 x2), a month's worth of gold subscription (it's been a while, I may have also purchased Runelords).
  • What products are missing (if any)? All of it. My new PFID is associated with Google Play.


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