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I'm coming for a little help. My goal at the base was to make a mermaid companion.

I managed to find a build that corresponds to what I want in bi-classing priest / druidess, but it was still missing an element, the side "Charm".

Unfortunately, it is a skill of the cipher and we can not tri-classify.

So I set myself the goal of creating an artifact that allows me to do the same thing. There is one, the Crown of the Exiled Queen. I found a skin that I liked, the Tears of Saint Makawo.


So I began to skim the various forums and subject giving advice to modder and I got to work starting from the frame of the mod "spoil of Caer Nua" to help me build the thing.


Everything worked more or less until I started to set up the locations. From there, nothing works anymore and even the consolle does not allow me to recover the object I'm trying to create. So, I come to solicit your help. Is there anyone among you who could tell me how to get out of this situation?


In advance, thank you.


PS: This is a link to my mod at this point => https://www.partage-temporaire.fr/2019/08/06/la-voix-de-la-sirene/

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