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The White March Soundtrack purchase or upgrade

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As a big fan of the series and its music, I'm using my copies of the soundtracks for PoE 1 and 2 as ambient music for the D&D campaign I'm running, and think that the White March soundtrack would fit brilliantly well into my campaign also. However, as far as I can see, the only way to purchase the White March soundtrack was by backing Deadfire at the Ultimate Digital Edition tier or above, while I backed the game at the Premium Digital tier, and that the only platform in which the White March soundtrack is available is on Soundcloud (which is problematic to use in this case because of the recommended tracks system).

I know that I could simply convert the game's .ogg files to a .mp3 format (from my googling of this issue, it seems that Justin Bell himself has recommended this option), but if possible I'd prefer to continue supporting Obsidian for creating one of my favourite series, so is there any way for me to purchase the White March soundtrack or to upgrade my Deadfire Digital Soundtrack to the Digital Deluxe Soundtrack at all?

Best regards, Dafydd

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