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NVIDIA driver crashes, whole system locks up while doing nothing



Hi all,

I'm sure you're tired of hearing about problems with NVIDIA graphics. I also have a GeForce 1070ti and I didn't experience any problems during the first 90 hours of gameplay, until today when the game seizes up and crashes the graphics driver (no video signal, sound still on, graphics card fans going haywire). I performed all the steps from here: https://support.obsidian.net/article/35-frame-rate-issues-and-constant-crashing-with-nvidia-gfx-cards, reinstalled the game, unchecked every single graphics setting, and leave the game on idle (party standing around, not paused), and still this happens.

Have you guys at Obsidian had any luck at reproducing this?

This is the log file for one single run of the game. At the end it seems the game failed to allocate a buffer.


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I noticed this happened consistently even with very old saves that were fine back then, so I tried removing anything in AppData under Nvidia that mentions this game, in case there was some funny business with cached stuff. It seems to be stable again so far.

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