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[SORT OF SOLVED] Is Riposte bugged in Turn Based?



EDIT: It works! I reinstalled the game, and now it functions as it should. Still don't know what was wrong, but oh well.

So, I know about the fact that you graze from 1-49 in Turn Based. All the same, I decided to make Aloth a Wizard/Rogue using the Staff modal with Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff and all the Wizard's deflection buffs as well as the huge deflection buff on Escape.

And sure enough, even through the nerfed Miss/Grace of Turn Based, I'm getting tons of misses. However, I have not see Riposte procced even once. For testing purposes, I placed Aloth in the middle of the 10 or so beetles in Oathbinder's Sanctum and observed. Must have seen 50 misses without a Riposte proc.

So either I am missing something, or Riposte is bugged?

EDIT: Link to my save file..

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