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Is there a place where you can view the max engagements of a character?

My main is currently an Unbroken/Shieldbearer and I was wondering if I can stack enough engagements for him without taking the Defender Stance fighter modal, so I can take the Mob Stance instead.

1) How many engagements are enough?

2) Equipping a shield gives +1 to engagement. The Shieldbearer of St. Elcga provides an additional +1 engagement when equipping a shield, for a total of 2 correct?

3) So the total engagement stack for an Unbroken/Shieldbearer would be the following:

Unbroken (+1)

Equipping a shield (+1)

Shieldbearer of St. Elcga (additional +1 with shield)

Hold the Line passive (+1)

Spear modal (+1)

This gives a total of 5 engagements without ever taking the Defender Stance modal.

Do I have the right of it? Are 5 enough?


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Blackened Plate Helm +1

Kapana Taga +1, +2 with Champion's Relic upgrade (+3% melee dmg per engagment) or Last Word with Thretening upgrade +1 (+5% weapon dmg per engagment)

Reckless Brigandine +1 (also gives +5% atk speed per engagment)

You can consider Entonia Signet. It scales with enemies that engaging you, not your own engagments, but if you want to be surrouded anyway, it shoud work well.

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Maura's Grasping Belt is another +1.

BTW, you may also get +3 Engagement slot from Barbarian's Barbaric Shout, and +1 from Thick Skinned. So a Barbarian/Unbroken would probably have the highest possible engagement slot, and not limited to a shield.

On how many numbers are enough? It's highly dependent. Bear in mind that unless you build your tank with really low Res/Con, and/or uses Stealth to ensure enemies focused on him, the enemy AI will engage intelligently and ignore him in most cases for other juicier targets. Even when already engaged they will use all the mobility stuff like Escape etc appropriately.


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