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Hey all, new to mutliclassing here and trying out a battle mage on veteran difficulty RTWP. I'm looking for advice on a good build and especially must have skills that mesh well with that class. For example, what are some good buffs from wizard that strengthen physical damage and defense?


Any advice is much appreciated.  :)

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Citzal's Spirit Lance.  Clear Out.  Done.

Seriously, though, it's a pretty intuitive build.  Fighter-side needs Disciplined Barrage & Strikes, Knockdown/Mule Kick, Two-handed style, Fighter Stances (Cleaving), Vigorous & Refreshing Defense, Armored Grace, and Clear Out.  Charge can also be quite handy. 

For Wizard abilities, look for Grimoires with the gishy spells, then supplement as-needed.  Lots of folks like Katrenn's or Llengrath's Martial Masteries (IIRC, they're identical), as they have a critical mass of the good melee-use spells and are available early.  The buffs I'd suggest casting at the start of every fight are Infuse with Vital Essense, Mirrored Images, Deleterious Alacrity of Motion, one of Spirit Shield or Ironskin, then Citzal's Spirit Lance and go to town.  Situationally, slot in an Arcane Reflection and/or Flame Shield before the Lance if the fight looks like one where those would help.  (No need for Eldritch Aim, as you get a PER inspiration from the Fighter side, and I've never felt that Merciless Gaze was all that worthwhile.)  Llengrath's Displaced Image is nice to have, too-- particularly in situations where you expect REF-targeting attacks-- but it's not necessary.  (The DEF bonus will be suppressed by Mirrored Image, but MI does degrade as you take hits, and the hit-to-graze and REF bonuses are useful.)

Before you get the Spirit Lance, Concelhaut's Staff can be OK. 

Beyond buffs, you might want to cast an occasional Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage for some close-range CC.  Pull of Eora can cluster the enemies together for your AoE Lance attacks.  An Essential or Substantial Phantom is really nice when cast after you've summoned your weapon of choice.  (Phantoms come with a copy of your weapons/armor, including summoned items, and the copied items always last as long as the Phantom does.) 

It's also nice to have a backup Grimoire or two with more ranged nukes and/or debuffs.  (Or just Kalakoth's Minor Blights!)  Good to have the flexibility to switch to a more traditional wizard role, when tactically appropriate.  Also, spending an occasional ability point on a general-use spell that you want to have available without switching books can be a good idea-- e.g., Thrust of TV for the ranged interrupt; Arcane Dampener for enemy buff-suppression.


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