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Multiple Attacks & Bounces & MultiHits

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Hi gangsters,

I was wondering if you could share any info you have about bouncing attacks.  If you were raised in the streets, you would know that when a Glock-9 is fired, those bullets bounce off of hard things, like metal.  I'm trying to make a Ranger essentially have that Glock-9.  There are some easy bad options and some interesting questions, when looking at the game data, and I will use this opportunity to discuss everything about multiple attacks and bounces and similar game abilities.


***Here's What I've Learned***

MultiHit - If you make a FullAttack ability for a ranged attack, the IsMultiHit enables it to be a beam like the Heart Seeker skill

........Limitations: It's a beam in one attack.  Can't attenuate damage as it flies through opponents.

Bounces via PowerLevelScaling in Abilities (BounceCountAdjustment)

........Doesn't seem to work.  Not used in the code at all.

Bounces via the attack data

........Used for Minoletta's bounding missiles like below:

"BounceData": {
"Bounces": 2,
"Multiplier": 1.2,
"Range": 2,
"InRangeOrder": "false",
"NoRepeatTargets": "false",
"AlwaysBounceAtEnemies": "true",
"Delay": 0,
"NeverBounce": "false"

........Limitations: This must be a specific, created attack.  Can't inherit weapon damage.

More Projectiles via PowerLevelScaling in Abilities (ProjectileCountAdjustment)

........Doesn't seem to work.  It's always 0. 

Make a Custom Attack with Extra Attacks or Bounces

........Limitations: Can't inherit the damage from your weapon

Make Extra Attacks via ProjectileCountMult and ExtraStraightBounces

........Limitations: ExtraStraightBounces is limited to only hitting directly behind the target.

Make Extra Ranged Projectile Attacks via ProjectileCount (AttackRangedComponent) in Attacks

........This one is easy and it works great, but it's not the bouncing I want for my specific situation above.

Extra Attacks via AttackOverrideValue "Primary" in StatusEffects

........Unfortunately, it probably doesn't work to make a StatusEffect AOE attack that then targets multiple people for a StatuseEffect that triggers a Primary attack on each person affected.  But this is worth trying.


Why does scaling never change? 

Probably because there is DefaultMultiProjectileScaling and other default scaling values in the Global game data.  Also, there is no definable scaling type other than "Default", as you can see here.


What I Know I Don't Know

- Why MultiHits are limitless for Heart Seeker but are limited for others

- Why Storm of Seven Bolts has 4 bounces and 7 projectiles with no maximum number of hits but it seems to act completely differently in the game.  I don't see 4 bounces or limitless MaxHits.


That's all I know.  If you know anything else or can think of any other examples that may be different, say it loud.

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