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So I am VERY interested in creating my own sub classes for the game.  And to be honest I am curious as to how to about doing it. I'm not just talking editing an existing subclass either I want to make something unique.


For Example I love werewolves so I was drawn to the Druid due to its spirit shifting ability. I even found 2 very cool mods that really helped in making the play feel a bit better

Druid Shifter-Evolution:https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/244?tab=description

Werewolf Shifter: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/131

Now both of these mods really "Help" in the feel I wanted for me character but in the end they do still fall short. So I want to go about Creating my own Subclass for the druid that really fits what I am wanting in terms of feel and Game Play. Hopefully with y'alls help I might be able to take that knowledge and create some other Subclasses for some of the other classes as well I have 3 ideas right off the top of my head for some.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Lets focus on the First one:

Subclass Name: Ulfkindr (Wolf kin/kind)

Basic Desc: A druid focused on Spiritshift Wolf, and ABILITIES that reinforce and enhance their Human and spiritshifted form. As such they cast NO SPELLS  even via SCROLLS, and have access to NO OTHER Spiritshift forms. They have access to a wolf pet  and the ability to rage.

Now On paper I am currently building it out trying to set it up in a way that I like But I'm curious as to  several things Basically getting started in general with actual editing and adding a new subclass. Not to mention the abilities them selves and making sure they work with the class. And how to add the abilities without destroying the other classes. One of the issues I have with with Evolution, is that for some reason the "Spirit shift Levels" are added to all druids and thus mess up the character sheets when you go to level up other characters.


Alot of  Stuff here I know but any help or links to information would be helpful

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