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Will it get better? (Quest bugs, loading times, stuttering)

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Hey there,

I finally managed to beat POE1 which was a blast. Started very early in 2015, coming back after like 4 years I encountered serious lags while managing the inventory and the game not responding while in a loading screen, leading to annoyingly tong loading times running on an SSD.

Anyway, started POE2 recently and was really into it. The fights seem faster, different from POE1, but I think I get used to it.
At first everything ran smoothly until the day before yesterday, when the game didn't start. Screen remained black and kicked me back to the desktop.
Managed to get the game running, played a bit until I reached a certain fort. Ran around (e.g. sneaked), exploring everything, killing a potential sidekick (whoops) and rang a bell. Which was tied to a quest. But nothing happened. That's when it got irritating, because the "not responding" thing in the loading screens came back. With a stuttering every like 5 seconds where the whole game just stopped for a brief moment. Even in locations I already explored (inside the fort). 

So since tech support seems pretty much dead and the only solutions are towards Nvidia graphic cards (AMD here), I have three options:

1. trying to solve the issues (which I'm kinda sick of. Did some research and couldn't find a solution yet)
2. live with them (on the long run not possible)
3. quit (which would be a shame)

It's not only because of the technical issues but the bug in the main quest, which, while not game breaking, is very annoying. I didn't even bother to start it up yestrerday because I wasn't in the mood dealing with loading screens, starting up the game, stuttering and more potential bugs.

At this moment I'm unsure if it is worth it or not.
Are there more bugs like this? I've read a post from months ago adressing this issue (bell), but it doesn't seem to be fixed. So I fear there is.

This was kind of a rant, sorry. but I'm quite sad my experience was so abruptly interrupted.

Thanks for reading. Maybe you got some words of encouragement or even solutions.

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That sounds aggravating, but if you do want to keep trying to get the game working, then I think the situation is salvageable.  

The area you are referencing is one of a few areas in the game where some people tend to encounter very noticeable stutter.  It also sounds like you may have interrupted the sequence for the quest (which is a sidequest) in that area by taking an openly hostile approach at one point, which may be preventing from using the more subtle approach of ringing the bell that you mention, but it could also be a legitimate bug.  Either way, you should still be able to finish the quest by heading directly to where the quest target is hiding near the top of the fort.  

As far as your crashes go, have you tried setting the Deadfire.exe to run as an administrator?  Changing that option helped me reduce crashes with Tyranny and Deadfire, whereas I never had to change that setting for PoE.  

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