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Change loading screen image

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How do i change the loading screen? I want to replace it with something like the PoEI’s adra wallpaper or Deadfire’s first scene Eothas


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Hey, don't know if you are still interested (or on this forum anymore?), but I've figured out a simple way to create such a mod!

The following has Photoshop in mind, but this should be doable in GIMP or Photopea as well.

Create a new image with a height of 1280 pixels and a width of 2048 pixels. Resized your desired image to fit this.

Without changing the width, increase the image height (Image/Image size...) to 1704px. Deadfire stretches out the loadscreen images (likely to scale the image to different sized monitors), so this is necessary to avoid your image looking odd in game.

Next increase the canvas height (Image/Canvas Size...) to match the width of 2048px. Fill in the empty space at the top and bottom of your image with black. You should now have a squashed/streched image that is 2048px by 2048px.

Save your image somewhere as a .png with the name "generic_load_bg". Make a folder for your mod in the override folder. Inside of the new folder create 2 more folders: One called "gui" and the other "loadscreens". Put your image inside the loadscreens folder, and then place the loadscreens folder inside the gui folder. The default loadscreen should now be replaced by your image.

If you want to replace a DLC's loadscreen, name the .png one of the following:

  • Seeker, Slayer, Survivor: “lax01_sss_load_bg"
  • Beast of Winter: “lax02_bow_load_bg”
  • The Forgotten Sanctum: “lax03_fs_load_bg”
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