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Does the Ranger's Evasive Fire generate Cipher Focus?

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As above, does a Ranger's Evasive Fire ability generate Focus for a Ranger/Cipher?

If so, is that not completely broken in the Turn Based mode, given Evasive fire is a 1 cost Free Action? You could get a Sharpshooter/Ascendant, empty your Bond points to get like 5-6 free attacks, Ascending you on turn 1 before even using an action. This gives you a massive alpha strike and an extra Ascended cast, right? Anyone who has tried Seer can confirm it is so?

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Good question. Also good idea. :)

I didn't test that. But I suspect it's not tagged as weapon attack in code. It uses its own base damage and other stats which are not related to your actual weapon. You only need to carry a ranged weapon. Those are only hints. But if it's not tagged as weapon attack it will not generate focus (also see Forbidden Fist ability). 

I can try to test it later today - once the kids are finished with tormenting our new paddling pool. :)

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Wow, Boeroer, I am starstruck right now, been using your builds for years! :D. Keep up the good work!

Yeah, what you say makes sense. It's the ranged weapon requirement that trips me. If you can test it that would be awesome.

I suspect regardless of the result Evasive fire is broken in turn based, particularly for multiclasses casters that can use the Ranger accuracy buffs but have enough resources to continue fighting without the Bond resource. Being able to frontload so much damage without opportunity cost is huge. 

I can't wait to test Maia as a Geomancer, unloading all her Bond in an alpha strike then switching to a super accurate wizard for the rest of the fight, for example. With an extra shooty Phantom summon as well.

EDIT - removed another idea, does not work :(

Edited by Panagiotis Papakos
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