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Nar Shaddaa Glitch

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So i did everything to get my notoriety up and i get the cutscene of those red eclipse guys taking over my ship.I go there kill everyone then i get the cutscene where Visquis wants me to meet him.As i am about to enter the docks area i get the cutscene again where the red eclipse guys take over my ship.First time i decided to just ignore it and go straight to meet Visquis.Everything goes fine until i have to change the signature of the Ebon Hawk.I change it and it plays the cutscene of the ship taking off and I select who to board GOTO's ship and guess what it teleports me back to the Ebon Hawk landing pad where i kill the red eclipse guys that are outside and i can't enter the Ebon Hawk because it says i have to change its signature and i can't do it again and yeah...So second time i decided that before entering the docks where the cutscene with the red eclipse plays again to go back to the Ebon Hawk first to see if killing the red eclipse again fixes it but i kill the guys outside and i enter the ship and it is empty and the storage doors are locked.How do I fix this? Did I do something wrong to make the cutscene trigger again?

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