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Afflictions against enemies w/ Resistance in Turn-based causes it to calculate in real-time

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Sorry if this has been raised before, curious if anyone else experiencing a bug in turn-based where if you apply a Stun to a Might Resistant enemy, it downgrades it to a Daze like expected, but the daze will have a duration in real time. 


I started having to press pause in turn-based because I know while i'm thinking about my turn, some afflictions are being expired. 



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Yup, have that going on too. It even applies to weaknesses - had an INT weak creature upgrade my charm to dominated then wear off before its turn.


It does seem to have been partially fixed since TB came out. It used to happen with everything where now it's just a sometimes thing. I suggest sending in an error report or making a thread in the TB beta forum: https://forums.obsidian.net/forum/136-beta-feedback-for-turn-based-mode/

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