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[4.1.2] drugs won't be consumed in combat if AI is set to auto-attack or on



This is definitely a new issue that cropped up in the last couple of patches.


I had mostly been happy that in Deadfire the most glaring issue about PoE1 combat--imo--had been addressed, which is flaky use of consumables in combat.


Up until recently.


Very easy to repro.


1. Start combat.

2. Have character AI set to auto-attack or on.

3. Tell them to consume a drug.


What happens after #3 should be that after their recovery finishes, they consume the drug.

Instead, for drugs and only drugs (potions, poisons, scrolls, explosives, etc are all fine), once their current recovery finishes, they will suddenly abandon the drug consume order and go about their AI script (auto-attack or next on the AI).

The only way to get a character to consume drugs in combat is to first disable their AI script (neither auto attack or full AI script mode on) and then wait for them to consume their drug before turning their AI back on.


Dropbox link to output_log (OS X's player.log file) and a save before the katrenn bounty fight where you can try to repro this: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2c7cvhsnrjbdnpc/AABm9xSOEuxfW41g_WbE0mCEa?dl=0


I realize this is a small issue compared to some of the other regressions, but given that you used to be able to flawlessly consume drugs in combat, clearly some bit of code somewhere broke Deadfire's otherwise much-improved use of consumables.

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