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Lag between rounds

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First of all, I'm loving turn based mode so thanks for this.

After extensively playing it I've run into a bug that seems to happen sometimes. At least, I assume it's a bug. So what happens is, after a round ends, the game will sit there with no noticeable gameplay/video lag or anything like that, but it simply won't allow me or the enemy to act regardless of who has the top initiative that round. It will say next round etc but it just won't allow me to do anything, and if the enemy is going they won't do anything either.


Eventually the game will allow me or the enemy to act, but it usually takes around 30 seconds to a minute.


It doesn't happen every fight but when it does, it's fairly annoying. I'm not sure how to reproduce it because it doesn't always happen. I noticed it just now fighting Belranga which made it take forever to kill her.


I can't even pin it down on the enemy AI taking forever to do an action because this delay in allowing me to go seems to happen even when I'm going first in a round.


Anyone else seen this?


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