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NWN2 A Mod Absolutely Essential / To memorize in the case of a REMAKE... ^^

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I don't know if any dev will read this post but... I try my luck.


One of the biggest problem in NWN 2 with casters is the buff time.


My actual character for example, at level 30 have 3 LINES of 10 spells. Domains + Items + wand + Priest spell list + Stormlord + Frenzy...


When you have +30 buffs... It is a LOSS of time absolutely terrible every 3-4 battles. But more than that, it breaks the rythm of the game.


THIS MOD allow to increase SPEED of casting OUTSIDE of battle.


If one day there is a remake, I hope a native way to do this !


To try urgently. It is very useful. I don't like MODS generally but that one is just a perfect and discreet tool.








1) Install folder in "Override" folder

For example :

C:\GOG Games\Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete\Override\kL_MetaPrepa

Found YOUR installation obviously^^...


2) At the start of a campain (Original Campain, MotB etc.) or a module, Alt gr + 7 + 8 (3 buttons at the same time). You reach the console commands. Delete the /.


3) "DebugMode 1" This activate the commands.


4) "RunScript mrop" One item appear in the Main Character.


5) "DebugMode 0" To desactivate the commands once it is done.


6) Voilà. Use the rod a first time and choose "fast mode".




A) Use rod on the item himself to start the learning mode. You cast normally you spells, once.

B) After that, rod on himself again, to STOP the learning mode.

C) Finally, when you use the rod on the main character, he will cast all spells in fast mode in 2-3 seconds... A must have...


If you want Change/destroy one spell : A book has been created with the learning mode. You pick a spell in this book. This "file" arrive in the inventory. In your inventory you "destroy" this spell with a double click (Be reassured : it is More the "indirect command" of this spell obviously, you have always your spell !).


If you want destroy all spells : Rod on the book. this will destroy the book and you can restart "learning phase" for all spells properly.


One more thing : if you try that in battle, its legit : the fast mode is desactivate !... So each action is 6 seconds again...


Sometimes, few elements are not includes : Like spells with ITEMS. but globally it is monstruous gain of time.




Frankly it is so convenient that I adopted it definitively recently.

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