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Hello my friends.


I thought to try solo POTD turn based mode with special build, not sure if its will work and i want to hear your opinion and advices.


The build is based on DMG over turn.


Class: Blood mage / Darcozzi paladini


The blood mage have good buff spells (maybe with large shield).


The blood mage will make spelles dmg over turns ("chill fog" for example) and the darcozzi paladini will make "lay on hands".


There is some items that can upgrade the dmg:


The lay on handes will make heal and burn dmg and you can get more accuracy from ring - "Ring of Focused Flame" (and easy to get it).

You can wear Shattered Vengeance and get - Shards of Woedica: 33% Chance to apply Curse of Pain on the target upon scoring Graze or Crit, increasing their damage received by 5% (Stacks 5 times).



How works Shards of Woedica ? its stack on "Lay on hands" / "chill fog" ?

The dmg from Lay on hands upgrade with the level of the character right ?

How can i upgrade that build ?



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