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Bug: Lights are flickering oddly and game repeatedly crashes



I've been playing the Seeker, Slayer, Survivor DLC after finishing forgotten sanctum.  I've just gone and traveled through old areas to pick up the first 3 quest items for the faces to unlock additional challenges.  On attempting to leave the Old City I'm experiencing frequent crashes and unexpected behavior.


Sometimes delvers row will load in but the lights from torches will flicker constantly in a strobe-light-like fashion.  Eventually my game will crash to desktop with no message.  Other times I get a crash when trying to load from one area to another


I cannot attach the savefile due to size and I cannot attach the crash or error log because "I'm not permitted to upload this kind of file" so I will email support per the instructions in the crash submission post.




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Hello Lost,


I'm sorry you are having troubles with crashes and flickering lighting in the scenes.  Have you happened to notice if you have been having these issues in other areas since you posted this?  if you could send us the crash files and a save game where this is occurring to support@obsidian.net, I would be super appreciative.  I'd like to have the team take a look at these files as well as the save to see if we can reproduce the issue and understand what could be causing this better.


Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

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