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Hey guys,


I have been playing on potd after finishing on veteran upscaled. I have re-rolled so many times I wouldn't want to even guess how many times, I've finally found a duo that works really really well. I want to figure out how to make the best out of them.


Soul Blade/Troubador




They are both really solid defensively, have access to good heals and buffs, they are fun to play individually and do a truckload of damage. 


So The Key Theory Points.


The soulblade/troubador.


Troubador for brisk recitation for the summon skeleton chant(many Lives pass). Until then summon skeletons is fine. Using Grave calling with soul annihilation gives us a perfect way to activate the chill fog, which the builds focus which can be used for more soul annihilation or other focus spells.


Single weapon style?



What stat line do you think I should take with him? Do I need to max intel?


I didn't max might which I think was a mistake as sometimes it soul annihilation doesn't kill a skeleton outright, Always max perception.


Should I choose Beckoner instead? the summons would be easier to kill? do you spawn 2x the skeletons with many lives pass?


Paladin-Goldpact Knights


The paladin is awesome he will be able to put out a ton of damage with the + fire levels with flames of devotion, and has endless resources from devine retribution.


Dual weild. Magrans favor, Sun and Moon.


Heavy armour stacking.


Paintend Plate 14 What upgrades?

Sworn Rival     +4

Stoic Steel       +3


21 armour- can I improve this somehow?


Should I stay Gold Pact knights or choose another faction?


What do you think guys? Need your help! Also what races?

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