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Help needed for editing files

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So,for some stupid reasons I decided to do a no-dragon-kill run, including dragon kids and dragon teens. I reached Twin Elm in poe1 without a problem, but in poe2 I'm stuck at the very beginning because in Engwithan Digsite you need to kill all enimies in the area to advance. And one of these enemies happens to be a Wurm.


So I decided to cheat and let the game believe I've killed all enemies. My goal is to force the dialog option "I took care of the creatures." to appear.


I found the stringtable and the conversationbundle: 09_cv_benessa;

I found the NodeID: 8

and I believe I found the parameter: b_PM_Arena_Critters_Cleared


But when I changed "Not": false to "Not": true nothing happened. I tried changing the number after "EqualTo" from 1 to 0 or 0 to 1 and it didn't work.


I'll appreciate it a lot if someone can help me.

Please don't ask me why I have to do this, I can say nothing except I just love dragons.

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