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[Bug] <4.1> Forgotten Sanctum Venom Debuff Does Not Tick, Cannot Remove


Venom debuff: [-x% Action Speed (y duration)] from Memory Hoarder enemy persists after combat ends.

Effect has a duration, but does not tick away.

In the main UI, Venom debuff shows on all affected characters, and character sheet/summary shows "Venom" debuff under Current Effects.

All characters in range, including player, premade, and custom characters are affected.


Resting has no effect on debuff. 

Debuff has a duration, and duration is unique to character, but does not decrease.

Not clear if effect is actually active, or if it's just a visual/UI bug. 

No console commands seem to affect debuff.


Steps to Reproduce:

Engage "Memory Hoarder" enemy in Forgotten Sanctum" map/zone with melee characters. 

All characters in melee range will receive debuff during fight with Memory Hoarder. 

Kill Memory Hoarder while debuff is still active, and debuff appears to persist. 


Save Game not available at the moment - a) Savefile too large to attach, and b) I attempted to fix this with Console commands, which overwrote Save prior to issue.

Issue is very repeatable though. This is the 3rd time I've had melee characters suffer from this.




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Salutations Matt, 


Sorry you are running into this issue. It would help us greatly if you would send over your save file to our support email at support@obsidian.net with a link to this thread included. 

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