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Reliable Weapon Trait (Resolution + Confident Aim - Does it Stack?

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My Eder is a dual wield fighter. Recently respec him to Ruffian.

I have 2 Sabres - Resolution has 20% Grazes > Hit. The other is Purgatory.

I have limited uses of Dragon Eyes to upgrade to Superb.

Therefore I need to know - does Resolution stack with Confident Aim or not?

Will it be 20+20= 40%


20% double rolls twice.

How is it calculated?



Also, what's the best weapons for Eder. I gave him the Unique Superb Club (forgot it's name) that you get in Twin Elms in his off hand.



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Stacks, 20% rolls twice (if the first roll isn't successful). So your overall chance is 36%.


The best weapon is determined by the situation you are in and the build you use. There is no definitive answer to that question. In general Blesca's Labor is not bad at all.


Resolution + Purgatory is a very strong combination if you crit a lot (what a fighter can do because he starts with such high ACC). The sutuations where it's not good is when you meet enemies who are highly resistant or even immune to slash damage. For those cases you can use Bittercut (White March item) which is a sabre but has two damage types (corrode/slash) or use a club like you did.


In general Full Attacks (like Knockdown) are better with heavy hitting one handers like sabres because you transfer the use of Knockdown into more damage.

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Thanks for the reply Boeroer!

I understand and agree, there's differently no definitive answer.

I feel pretty good about both Resolution and Purgatory, and BL Club comes pretty amazing to start with. I wish Purgatory looked unique because it's so plain.


1.Is there any advantage speed-wise to have the second off hand weapon as a light FAST but weaker one (like Club) compared to Average but heavier hitter? (Sabre)

As in, will it produce faster auto attack speed and shorter recovery, for instance?


2.Another question regarding Confident Aim:

How does the Minimum Dmg bonus work exactly?


3.Finally, between Into and Fray and Armor Breaker - what would ve the better skill for good damage?

I leave toward Armor Breaker (-8 DR for duration and extra melee dmg), but I might take both eventually.

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1.: Every weapon has its own recovery. So if you place a club in the offhand then your offhand attack will have a shorter recovery. If you put it into the main hand you will have the shorter recovery there. This can be used to your advantage with Full Attacks (like Knockdown): place the club in the main hand and the sabre in the offhand and you will see that on Knockdown you will strike first with the offhand (sabre), then the sabre's recovery gets omitted and then you immediately strike with the club (main hand) and then the recovery of the club will occur.


So you'll skip the longer recovery of the sabre. The other way round you wopuld do the same dam,age but skip the short recovery of the club and kleepo the longer one of the sabre: inferior solution.


For auto-attacks it doesn't matter which weapon is where. They simply alternate.


If you put two sabres in main and offhand and do a Full Attack then you'll skip a long recovery and keep a long one. You will be slower than with the club+sabre version but you'll get more damage out of the Knockdown (if we speak about weapons of the same quality).


2. It is increasing the base min damage of your weapon by 20%. If it's min damage was 10 it's not 12. Note that this increase is multiplicative, not additive like most other damage bonuses in the game. In my opinion that's the best part of Confident Aim.


3. I guess you mean Sundering Blow? I know of no ability that's called Armor Breaker. Into the Fray can be cool if you have a lot of MIG and ioncreased crit damage (like from story talents as Merciless Hand) - because it has its own base damage and that'a rather high compared to most weapons' base damage numbers. So it doesn't work with Weapon Spec or Mastery - but it can do good dmg on a crit. But first of all it's a tool to control enemies' movement and position. E.G. to yank an enemy off of your Wizard's back. Sundering Blow can be very useful against high DR enemies such as Animats and Dragons or beetles. If you take both you'll have more tools in your belt and more active abilities to use in every encounter - so why not. ;)

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