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[bug] the Watcher who moves through walls



I've noticed that my aged late-2012 Mac Mini has been having an even tougher time with the game since SSS came out.  I don't know if that's contributed to this.  As i took my group to the corner between Benweth's guard and the harpsichord, i noticed that Xoti ended up on the other side of the wall.  I tried to bring her back to no avail, but then i decided to try to replicate the issue by walking the group near Mirke, then back, and sure enough, i eventually managed to shove all characters through the invisible crack in the wall (which suited my character roleplay fine).



Clipping (1 of 5)

Clipping (3 of 5)

Clipping (5 of 5)


Unity log:




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Greetings Rone,


Thanks for taking the time and reporting this issue :) great find. Any chance you can send us your savegame file so we can investigate this issue in-depth?





Links to the savegames are right there in the original post.

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